Pharmacy Insurance

Norman F. Steinberg, CPCU and Alex Mayer established Mayer & Steinberg in 1959 after years of being friendly competitors. Both Mr. Steinberg and Mr. Mayer attended the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Mr. Mayer retired from the agency in 1980 and Mr. Steinberg is still the President of Mayer & Steinberg, Inc.
A Promise To Serve Our Community

EXPERIENCE: pharmacy

Mayer & Steinberg has been the insurance agency of choice for drugstore owners for over 50 Years. We far exceed the experience of any of our competitors.


During the past 5 decades we have designed the best insurance program with the finest insurance companies available. We know the appetite of the insurance companies and use this knowledge to the advantage of our policyholders. Our familiarity with claim procedures is invaluable to our policyholders. Mayer & Steinberg agents and staff have handled hundreds of drugstore claims.


When it is time to service your insurance needs, no agency comes even close to Mayer & Steinberg. Our knowledgeable staff is willing and able to handle your insurance needs on a personal basis.

Mayer & Steinberg is not committed to any one insurance company. Our only commitment is to you, our Customer. That commitment along with our experience and knowledge is your best insurance! You will make the right decision in selecting Mayer & Steinberg and you can be certain that we will do everything possible to earn your continued confidence.